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Leadership Code® Academy

A powerful, cohort-based digital development journey that helps leaders learn how to build human capability and deliver results with business impact.

Norm Smallwood
Learn from Co-Founder & Partner, The RBL Group

If your organization had better leadership, what would happen? What would it mean to your customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders?

In the Leadership Code® Academy, participants are taken on a journey where they learn not just the attributes of leaders but also how to build human capability to deliver results that matter to the organization and its stakeholders. The academy is designed around the 5 domains of the Leadership Code®:

  • Strategist: Shape the future
  • Executor: Make things happen
  • Talent Manager: Engage today’s talent
  • Human Capital Developer: Build the next generation
  • Personal Proficiency: Invest in yourself

Join Norm Smallwood and other leading experts in a 6-week journey that will give you the resources available to develop better leaders and build human capability.

  • You will learn directly from Norm Smallwood, other experts, and your peers how to deliver business results with impact and build human capability as a leader in your organization.
  • The academy is organized to help you develop the critical knowledge, skills, and attributes that are essential for effective leadership.
  • Participants complete 16 learning modules at times that work for them.
  • Modules include videos, reflections, cohort discussions, polls, and additional exercises.
  • In addition to the online materials, participants receive a guide with the relevant slides, models, and tools.
  • Each week participants will come together with their cohort virtually for a consultant-led session.
  • The consultant-led sessions provide a space for RBL consultants and academy participants to discuss applications specific to the participants’ organization and situation.

Watch Norm Smallwood (Co-Founder, The RBL Group) introduce the Leadership Code® Academy.

“The ultimate test of a firm’s leadership strength comes from its overall capacity to produce leadership that delivers stakeholder confidence in future results.”
Norm Smallwood
Co-Founder & Partner
The RBL Group

Learning together with team members can increase the impact of the Leadership Code® Academy through diving deep into the particular leadership and business needs of your organization.

If you'd like to enroll a group either in a public session or an in-house private session, please fill in the form below. We'll contact you to answer any questions and explore ways to customize the academy experience to your needs.