Leadership Development

Leadership development that builds leaders your customers love.

When stakeholders are confident in your leaders and their ability to consistently deliver on expectations, your organization creates an advantage that’s difficult for any competitor to touch. Establishing the kind of leadership that inspires this confidence is a two-part equation made up of 1.) universal leadership skills and 2.) your differentiators, or leadership attributes that are unique to your organization.

Leaders matter.

According to our research, 60–70% of leadership effectiveness is standard—all leaders in all industries at all companies must have certain attributes in order to succeed. These five fundamentals are what make up the RBL Leadership Code®, the foundation of effective leadership.

The remaining 30–40% of the equation is unique to your company and its specific strategy, and is based on what your customers, investors, and employees want and need your leaders to deliver. These differentiators, what we refer to as Leadership Brand, make your leaders unique to your company and enable them to make your firm brand real to customers and employees.

Leadership matters more.

Perfecting both parts—the standard essential leadership capabilities and the differentiators—and developing leaders at all levels of your organization who embody them is what enables companies to deliver meaningful results.

At RBL, we help you accomplish this through a variety of customizable and modular services, including assessments, consulting work, comprehensive academies, and modular workshops, all of which are grounded in our research-based Leadership Code and Leadership Brand Architecture. Our leadership development work can facilitate both broad business transformation as well as specific leadership capability improvement initiatives. Leadership capability engagements ensure that leadership development efforts are well worth the investment in time, money, and energy.