The HR Competency Study

Implications of HRCS findings for you and your organization

Our 30 year work on HR is all about helping you and your organization deliver results that matter. In our 8th round of the HR Competency Study (HRCS) in partnership with 19 global HR association and insights from 29,000 respondents, we discovered three ways to Navigate HR’s Impact coming out of the 2020/21 crises: improve (or upgrade) your HR competencies, transform your HR department, and embed business capabilities. We can help you implement findings from the study to help you become more personally effective, create value for all your stakeholders, and deliver business results.

What do I need to be, know, and do to be a better HR professional?
HR Competency Study (HRCS) Round 8 results identified five key competency domains that impact individual, stakeholder and business results. You need competence to: [1] accelerate the business by [2] advancing human capability through [3] mobilizing information, [4] fostering collaboration, and [5] simplifying complexity.

How can I help my business create and embed the right capabilities?
HR Competency Study (HRCS) Round 8 results highlighted the role HR plays in building business capabilities needed to deliver on promises to external stakeholders. Begin the conversation with business leaders now.

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