HR Transformation & Alignment

Create business advantage through effective HR transformation.

When HR organizations are well designed, HR professionals spend their energy, time, and attention helping the business respond to the external needs of customers and investors rather than dealing with issues inside the function. They evolve from an administrative and functional role into true business partners with an outside-in perspective and the capabilities to optimize human resources and better align people with stakeholder expectations.

Opportunity exists for HR to be more effective in creating stakeholder advantage.

Clients looking to optimize their HR function often struggle with similar issues and concerns, including:

  • How can we position HR to deliver more value to the business and have more impact and credibility?
  • How do we address the ongoing role confusion between our COEs and embedded HR?
  • How do we best determine what work to centralize and what work to decentralize?
  • How do we create the right role for our HRBPs?
  • How do we make our HR Shared Services optimally efficient?

Position HR to deliver both business impact and operational efficiency. HR transformation is not about making HR easier or better. It’s about how HR can be more effective in helping the business create advantage. HR creates value for the business by doing work that has strategic impact, namely by ensuring the organization’s talent, leadership, and culture are aligned with business strategy, have capabilities that differentiate the organization, and are able to consistently deliver on customer and stakeholder expectations. The RBL Group helps HR leaders shift their mindset and find ways to do this high-impact work as efficiently as possible.  

The four-step transformation process begins outside in. The RBL Group takes your HR department through a transformational and alignment process that starts with a clear understanding of the business context: customer needs, industry dynamics, external trends, and competitors. We help leaders fully understand how the business responds to the external demands and what the business model needs to be going forward.

Second, we identify outcomes and create a clear idea of what the business capabilities and HR priorities need to be to help drive business results.

Third, we design HR using a framework and process that creates clear roles for both strategic impact and cost-efficient delivery of essential work. This includes determining what work needs to be embedded close to the business and what work is best centralized.

Finally, we ensure that HR professionals devote time and attention to developing themselves and honing the skills that make them strategic business partners. This involves assessing individual strengths, role placement, job rotation, and strategic training.

Make HR a valued contributor to business success. Effective HR transformation enables HR leaders to play a key role in making the business more competitive. They gain the skills and perspective they need to optimize talent and build the leadership and organizational capabilities that will differentiate your business and enable it to best serve customers and investors.

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