Leaders Complete "Art of Leadership" Development Journey

November 29, 2022

Congratulations to the leaders who completed the face-to-face sessions of The RBL Group's Art of Leadership, a two-month Leadership Development journey comprising 2 phases of facilitated learning, a leadership application project, a leadership 360 assessment and leadership reflection, and a post-program session. Participants learned, discussed, and debated the various current and challenging topics of leadership, such as:

  • Attributes versus outcomes of leadership, authenticity, personal & organizational leadership point of view.
  • How to reset and renew leadership to engage the multi-generational workforce.
  • Leaders as Talent Manager and how to create a positive environment for staff engagement & well-being and preventing burnout.
  • Leadership change and awareness of self, impact on others and organization, and the personal "why" to change.

Thank you to facilitators Keith Koh and Michelle L. for their engaging facilitation, Darryl Wee for the leadership, and Sheryl Par and Andrea L. for the support.

Thank you leaders for bringing your authentic selves into the program and for all the insightful sharing and debates:
Chris Ng, Hwee Kim Yong, Joy Ong, Sean See, Teo Siew Pan, Darryl Teo, Diane Lim, and Hanly Chen.

The RBL Group

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