Coaching that transforms individual and organizational performance.

Coaching is the best way to create better leaders, increasing the benefits of training and development as much as 99%. Our certified coaches work one-on-one with individual leaders looking to strengthen their leadership effectiveness. And we help them move to the next level, ultimately contributing to the organization’s leadership pipeline.

Leaders tend to bring self-limiting ceilings to the table.

You don’t get to a leadership role without displaying excellence in many areas. But while all executives, leaders, and potential leaders have strengths, they also have blind spots or behaviors that stand in the way of current or future performance.

We reinforce leadership development through ongoing support.

Behavioral change is an iterative process that relies on course correction in the moments following success or failure. Our executive coaches are there to listen and guide in these critical situations, giving leaders an unbiased, external perspective. Our coaches know how, when, where, and why to apply positive pressure on leaders for positive change. We evaluate without eviscerating, guide without doing, and focus on behavior, not platitudes, identifying better ways for leaders to tackle the ever-changing challenges of taking a team or organization to higher performance and better results. 

Coaching based on research, not guesswork.

Through years of study and analysis of leadership in action, combined with experience born of helping hundreds of executives transform themselves, RBL understands core leadership principles as well as how leadership gets applied in unique settings. Our coaches use this information as a benchmark for behavior and performance. It is the difference between a well-meaning coach using common sense and an expert practitioner who elicits the highest performance from their peers.

The coaching process typically begins with an assessment to identify areas of strength and opportunity. Coaches then use the REAP framework—Results, Effort, Alternative, Path—to help leaders focus on desired results, evaluate efforts that have already been tried, identify alternatives, and create a personal development plan they can follow to success.

We build individual skills that drive organizational results.

The leaders we coach consistently report overwhelmingly positive results. From increasing profits to decreasing waste, from course redirection to massive performance improvement, we have helped executives guide organizations through downturns to significant success. And we have aided them as they shift performance into higher gear. We have prepared leadership potentials for key positions and reinvigorated experienced leaders who felt their performance had plateaued.

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