RBL's Guided Learning Journeys Offer a Highly-Engaging Experience

July 25, 2023

We recently completed several results-based guided learning journeys with cohorts from all around the globe. Participants of RBL's Talent, Leadership Code®, and Dave Ulrich HR Academies completed self-paced learning modules over a period of several weeks and met weekly for a virtual, face-to-face discussion with facilitators and other leaders in their cohort. 

RBL's guided learning journeys help teams and individuals understand stakeholder value from the outside in, and develop the skills to build talent and capability that delivers business impact. 

At the conclusion of each academy, participants were given the opportunity to share feedback on the learning materials, facilitators, and overall course. The net promoter scores each academy received exceeded industry benchmarks on advocacy. Below is a summary of the participant feedback and net promoter scores each guided learning journey received. 

We invite organizations interested in bringing RBL's results-based guided learning journeys in-house to explore RBL Omnia. RBL Omnia is an integrated solution for developing human capability across talent, leadership, organization, and HR to drive greater business impact. 

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