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August 30, 2022

If you are curious and fascinated to know what the future of work has in store, if the past years have got you wondering about the nuances and the dynamism of the modern workplace experience, then you can find all the answers that you seek in peopleHum's leadership series. As a growing community of professionals spread across the globe, our 200 most influential leaders have redefined the world of work and have brought us an abundance of rich perspectives.

peopleHum's community of experts and thought leaders bring forth their expertise on a menagerie of topics within the human resource, employee experience, and technology space. These include HR Technologies, Leadership Development, Organizational Cultures, Recruitment and Hiring, Diversity and Inclusion, and many more.

As our gift to those seeking inspiration and knowledge about the future of work and the human experience, here are some highlights of what our 200 most influential leaders have shared with us!

3. Dave Ulrich 

Wonder what the must-haves' and must-dos are when a crisis strikes? Check out BW #1 Leadership Coach Dave Ulrich's interview, on the essential role of human resources during unprecedented times. 

Interview | LinkedIn | Twitter 

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