Case Study

Ensuring Strategic Clarity and Alignment for a Workforce Solutions Enterprise

The Problem

A United States-based workforce solutions enterprise was quickly expanding with the goal to double its growth and revenue. In an effort to clarify how to grow and leverage their unique client service and technology capabilities, senior leaders recognized the need to explore alternative options and then align company strategy, capability, culture, and leadership.

The company faced an uncertain environment with the need to scale leadership and organization capability. They were experiencing an increasingly complex business involving legacy services, as well as emerging technology. The CEO reached out to RBL for a process to diagnose and craft a new growth strategy. He wanted to involve senior leaders to ensure buy-in to the strategy and design process.  

The Solution

Phase 1: The CEO engaged RBL and the senior leadership team to characterize the current environment, assess capabilities, explore strategy options, and evaluate overall leadership strengths and weaknesses. They agreed on an enterprise strategy based on two businesses and identified the capabilities needed to drive advantage for each business. 

Phase 2: Once senior leadership agreed on the strategy and operating model, RBL chartered design teams to reinvent and redesign the organization. The design teams identified the processes for building technical and cultural capabilities for success. From this framework, they developed an overall operating model to organize distinctive capabilities and processes. Finally, detailed structures, processes, staffing, and linkages across both businesses were articulated. Both teams came together to review and endorse the overall design recommendations with the senior leadership team. 

Phase 3: This phase focused on an implementation roadmap to move forward with clear initiatives for implementing the designs. In parallel, the organization continued its investment in leadership with more focused development and assessment to help build the pipeline for leading the new businesses. RBL refreshed the leadership framework to identify and build foundational and customer-differentiating attributes. RBL then led leadership programs to ensure leaders and teams were prepared to meet the upcoming business needs.

The Outcome

As referenced in their latest newsletter, the organization now has a clear way of thinking about its strategy and how to execute it. Each business unit is designed and focused on delivering distinctive capabilities at world-class levels. Employees are empowered in their development and given constructive feedback on a quarterly basis for ongoing improvement. Support organizations are aligned to effectively support the business units while delivering their administrative work at high levels of efficiency. 

The leadership team is aligned around the business strategy and required capabilities for success. 

Through February 2023, the organization is on track to meet its annual revenue growth goals during an uncertain recessionary environment.

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