Case Study

Increasing Profit by Driving Capability

The Problem

A Chinese technology company had recently split into three businesses. They wanted target customers to recognize each business as delivering the best value for their money. However, it was unclear what the businesses should be doing to deliver this value.

The company invited RBL to work with the business leaders to identify targeted technical and social capabilities as well as recommend a process for implementing the solution.

The Solution

RBL consultants met with each of the company’s business presidents and other key, senior stakeholders to evaluate the business strategy and assess the gap between current and needed capabilities.

RBL co-created an organization design blueprint for implementing a process that embedded efficiency as their core capability to drive business results.

The Outcome

Incorporating RBL’s recommendations, one of the businesses implemented a cluster of initiatives aimed at increasing efficiency, including a simpler set of business processes that led to a simpler organization design, that resulted in more than a billion dollars of profitability improvement.