Case Study

International Expansion: Positioning for Global Growth

The Problem

A global health and beauty company was growing rapidly. The product demand was outpacing their ability to staff key roles in global markets where they did not currently have operations. There was also a lot of disagreement amongst the leadership team about what the global roles should look like and a lack of clarity about how to allocate investment between staffing global markets and product development. 

The Solution

We began the process by conducting interviews with key leaders throughout the organization around their strategy and business model. It became apparent immediately that most of the senior leaders were operating with different perspectives on what was most important. Combining their customer data with our interview data, several options became very clear. It was also clear that each option had very different investment implications. The CEO made a decision and immediately took a much more focused approach to building the global markets.

The Outcome

Global roles were designed for each market to ensure that the region leaders had time to grow their distribution channel as opposed to doing administrative work. Several of the corporate functions were combined so that the go to market process for the regions was clear and easier for the regions. Roles were set up so that the regions had clear connection with corporate groups.