Case Study

Renewing Leadership Competencies

The Problem

A supply chain management and logistics company had been building a competency model over several years, adding to it as new insights and information surfaced. As The Leadership Code emerged, the company became concerned that key elements may be missing from their competency model. There was also a desire to have a comprehensive model that reflected their firm brand. The vision was to have a competency model that was tied to their competencies and that could be used to develop and differentiate their leaders from the competitors in the industry.

The Solution

The RBL Group was asked to assist the company in solidifying their competency model. Steps included:

  • mapping the existing model to the Leadership Code to pinpoint over and under representations and missing elements
  • stakeholder, including top customer, interviews to decide the three differentiating competencies the company wants to be known for by their customers
  • identification of the Leadership Brand that would align leader behaviors with customer expectations
  • development of a customized leadership 360 assessment that built on the existing competency model, integrated missing Code elements, and emphasized their leadership brand behaviors.

The Outcome

The organization now has a competency model with both the foundational competencies necessary for a leader’s success and the differentiating competencies that enable the creation of intangible value. This competency model is now being integrated into leadership development processes, including assessment and development processes.