Results-based Approach to Manage Your Organization Portfolio

Your portfolio of investments in people and organization represents about 1% of your business revenue. Our experience suggests that no one is explicitly managing, measuring or targeting where to invest this money.  

The Organization Guidance System (OGS) is a transformational approach that enables you to target and measure the impact of these investments on results. We have distilled decades of work into this system that guides your investment choices.  

The Organization Guidance System (OGS) begins with a clear understanding of your desired outcomes with customers, employees, financial, strategic and social responsibility. Decision makers start with these desired outcomes and use the Organization Guidance System’s proprietary algorithm to provide vital data on which of the four identified pathways—talent, leadership, organization, and HR—to invest resources. Each of these four pathways has been further broken down into specific dimensions that drive targeted solutions that can be undertaken to achieve desired outcomes.

The idea of prescriptive guidance is not a new concept; we see it in education, retirement investing, automated factories, equipment, satellites, and vehicles. Surprisingly, prescriptive guidance has not been utilized to ensure change management in organizations. Making the shift from descriptive to prescriptive guidance leverages volumes of organization theory, research, and practice. It redefines what best practice is. Best practice shifts from comparing our organization to what other organizations do to determining what our organization can do to deliver customer, financial, strategic, employee and CSR results.


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Why is an Organization Guidance System the Next Step to Take?

Even more than we realized when we started working on this concept before the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the Organization Guidance System is a powerful next step for organizations to maximize their effectiveness. The combined resources of The RBL Group and CorpU, along with our industry partners, fundamentally transforms how companies around the world are able to create value for their stakeholders. The stage has been set. Now is the time to move to an Organization Guidance System that offers empirical prescriptions about how leadership, talent, organization, and HR deliver key outcomes.

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