Leadership in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

By Dave Ulrich | September 1, 2010

Editor Dave Ulrich presents research answering the question: How do we build leadership and human capital in Asia to help companies succeed?

Leadership in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities reviews the eight characteristics unique to the Asian business context and highlights the paradoxes that that this setting poses for present and future leaders.

The eight paradoxes are:

  • Paradox 1: Recognizing and managing different organization types that exist within the Asian business community
  • Paradox 2: Respecting and working within family-centric enterprises while creating professionally created organizations
  • Paradox 3: Relishing recent successes while renewing for the future
  • Paradox 4: Recognizing bureaucratic, hierarchical and political complexity while creating flexible, agile and simple organizations.
  • Paradox 5: Gaining the internal efficiencies of operating in a protected market as well as the external responsiveness of a market-based organization
  • Paradox 6: Thinking long term to envision a future while acting today to survive the present
  • Paradox 7: Maintaining grace, courtesy and an Asian style while taking risks and being rigorous and demanding
  • Paradox 8: Investing in future talent and responding to today’s talent

Dave has published over 30 books on leadership, organization, and human resources. These ideas have shaped how people and organizations deliver value to customers, investors, and communities. He has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune 200 and worked in over 80 countries.  He has received numerous public recognitions and lifetime awards for his work. 

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