Evidence-based Leadership: Identifying and Building Leadership Attributes that Deliver Results

By Erin Wilson Burns, Leslie Kawai | February 2, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • An evidence-based leadership approach can help you narrow the gap between leadership investments and business results.
  • Define leadership attributes that include both foundational and differentiating competencies for well-rounded and realistic impact.
  • An evidence-based leadership model ensures you build leadership behaviors that matter to stakeholders.

Strong leadership capability is something companies around the world invest fortunes and decades trying to develop. An outside-in, data-based approach to defining what good leadership looks like provides a foundation for building leadership capability that delivers results.

The slideshare above overviews an approach that can help you create a direct link between leadership behaviors and business outcomes. To talk with someone about how RBL’s approach might work for you, contact us today.

Erin is a principal at The RBL Group with 25 years of experience in leadership and strategic HR consulting.

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Leslie is a principal with the RBL Group. She is an experienced executive coach who combines cognitive-behavior research and leadership development to help leaders and organizations drive business results through high performance.

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