Navigating HR's Impact

Sep 5, 2022–Sep 9, 2022

The 8th round of the HR Competency Study is reinventing how we navigate HR’s impact on business results through answering three questions around HR's pathways to deliver business impact:

  1. What individual competencies do HR professionals need to deliver results?
  2. What should the characteristics of an effective HR department be?
  3. What business capabilities should HR help create to deliver business results?

The purpose of this course is to enable HR leaders and business partners to begin reinventing how HR navigates its impact on the organization through building individual competencies, knowing how to drive business results through the HR department, and finally being able to build the right capabilities for the organization.

Over the course of one week, you will complete four 20–30 minute learning modules with videos from Dave Ulrich, as well as additional exercises, cohort discussions, and reflection questions. On Friday, you will join your cohort for a 60-minute live, virtual session with an RBL consultant to discuss deeper application and answer questions.

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