Case Study

Blended Learning for HR Development

The Problem

A quick service restaurant company experiencing a lot of international growth knew it was time to focus on HR: building strategic skills and outside-in perspective needed for them to live up to their potential in supporting and challenging business leaders. The biggest obstacle facing their HR professionals was a basic lack of knowledge about business operations and a lack of confidence in their own skills. Development was critical in helping them become effective influencers to different parts of the organization. Though the company had a strong vision for their HR professionals, they knew they needed outside help to bring that vision to life.

The Solution

As the company was an active member of The RBL Institute, they were already familiar with Dave Ulrich’s HR research. With that foundation in place, they reached out to The RBL Group to help them design and deliver a development program for their HR professionals. RBL met with the company to strategize about the content and delivery method that would be most impactful for HR’s development. Using the findings of the HR Competency Study as a basis, they created a content and delivery strategy for three tiers of HR professionals.

Tier 1 was designed for the largest number of HR professionals. It was an e-learning program designed to build awareness and help everyone in HR speak a common language. These e-learnings included videos, readings, and group discussion items.

Tier 2 was designed as a virtual classroom experience to help emerging talent within HR engage more deeply with the specific HR competencies that mattered most for their development within the organization. The training was co-lead by the company and RBL consultants.

Tier 3 was designed for senior HR leaders and delivered as a series of in-person workshops focused on helping these leaders become proficient strategic positioners and deliver organizational capabilities. In-person networking among leaders from different parts of the company was also an important component of the development plan for this tier.


These blended delivery methods ensured that the content could reach as many HR professionals as needed for maximum impact.

The Outcome

RBL’s collaboration helped the company achieve their vision for HR development. Over 1,000 participants across the three-tiered program came away with a better foundation of knowledge about business operations and more confidence in their strengths and abilities to contribute as strategic HR professionals. The program also helped HR drastically reduce and refine the measures and analytics used in their restaurants. Having a group of HR professionals all speaking the same language and focused on the same goals was vital in helping support the company through continued international change and growth.