Strategic HR Development

Build HRBPs with the HR competencies to reconnect HR with business strategy and impact results.

As the business environment becomes increasingly complex, business leaders need agile, business-focused HR partners to help them lead their businesses. Instead, all too often, they experience a disconnect between the functions of HR and the purposes of the overall business. As a result, HR becomes an underutilized resource for strategic impact within organizations. At RBL, we’ve crafted fully customizable, flexible HR development opportunities designed to reconnect HR with business strategy by reframing the perspective of HR to think from the outside in.

Strategic HR Academy

For companies looking for an intensive HR development experience for their HR team, including existing and emerging leaders, the RBL Strategic HR Academy offers a full immersion into the seven areas of knowledge that all strategic HR professionals need. The Strategic HR Academy is an intense training and development journey designed to help HR professionals center their mindset on the goals of the business and develop the specific skills that will give them a seat at the table; a set they can use to more effectively implement the organization’s strategic vision.

We work with you to adapt content and to structure the learning experience, building a custom program that helps you meet your organization’s specific development goals, without having to start from scratch. The Strategic HR Academy combines standard or customized in-person learning modules, 360 assessments, individual coaching, and real-world applications, including organization-sponsored action learning projects that empower participants to apply rigorous academic content in their day-to-day work. These elements combine to significantly accelerate the development of HR professionals and improve business results.

  • Assessments: Participants start with 360 and psychometric assessments to evaluate their strengths and identify personalized areas for opportunity and growth.
  • Coaching: Based on the results of the assessments, participants work with coaches throughout the development program to create and revise an Individual Development Plan that identifies experiential learning opportunities, provides a blueprint for meeting their goals, and helps participants apply classroom material to their individual work.
  • Learning: The training curriculum is custom built from our signature workshops and learning modules, which are taught using a variety of interactive and engaging approaches and require participants to apply the material to specific and relevant business issues.
  • Application: Participants implement lessons learned in the classroom by working in groups on projects sponsored by their leaders to address current business issues and deliver tangible impact. Participants receive ongoing support and direction from coaches during their action learning projects.
  • Measurement: At the end of the program, participants take a follow-up 360 assessment to help articulate progress made and the impact of the program on their work. This process encourages individual accountability for development plans. Additional measures include group and organization measures that are tracked for impact and ongoing refinement of the program.

HR Business Partnering 2.0 Development Program

Our in-house strategic HR program is a customized, flexible, three-day learning and growing experience designed to increase the impact of the HR Business Partners in your company. Tailored to the needs of HRBPs and the HR leaders, COEs, and shared service leads who engage with them, the program transforms HR professionals into strategic partners through an integrated process of personal assessment, individual coaching, group instruction, and on-the-job action learning.

The development journey begins with an HR Competency 360 assessment followed by coaching to identify each individual’s areas of strength and opportunity and to craft an action plan for personal improvement that can be used to help focus the three-day workshop program for maximum impact. The intensive program helps participants re-frame their role from an outside-in perspective, measure themselves against the challenges faced by the organization, and develop stronger business acumen. They identify capabilities that drive culture and build plans to align HR programs and processes to build the capabilities that help their business win. They also build skills to influence those they work with. To facilitate learning, we use a variety of training elements including simulations, application to current projects, hands-on exercises, video vignettes, and discussion.

Virtual Strategic HR Leadership Program

The RBL Group is pleased to offer a virtual, instructor-led version of our HR development programs. The beauty of this option is it allows your organization to choose the content areas that are most critical to your business and to provide customized training to HR leaders and professionals in disparate locations. We sustain learning through pre- and post-reading and exercises, and conduct the instructor-led program in smaller groups to facilitate maximum participation.

Strategic HR Workshops

The modules that form the basis of our HR development programs are available on an individual basis for companies looking to invest in upgrading specific HR competencies. Because HR professionals rarely gain value from purely academic or theoretical lectures, each workshop is designed to take key concepts and proven frameworks and apply them to your organization’s unique challenges. We customize practical learning experiences for your people and deliver them in interactive and engaging ways including business simulations, video case studies, and group exercises, requiring participants to put learning into action.

Module 1 – How HR Creates Value:
Expand perspective to include external stakeholders, such as customers and investors, and discover new ways to connect HR practices and processes with the business strategy.

Module 2 – Business Partner Consulting Skills:
Focus on the three critical components of consulting success: managing yourself, managing stakeholders, and managing the project. Apply the tools and principles to a live consulting project to improve individual learning and project execution.

Module 3 – Coaching for Results:
Improve coaching skills and practice coaching in real-life scenarios, including giving feedback to business leaders, high-stakes interventions, performance coaching, and career development conversations.

Module 4 – Talent & Engagement:
Take a strategic perspective on talent and develop strategies for building engagement, helping employees move through career transitions, and attracting and building the right talent.

Module 5 – HR Metrics & Analytics:
Understand finance fundamentals and build a measurement strategy to better gauge current performance and identify required changes.

Module 6 – Change Management:
Master the seven principles of change management: leading change, creating a felt need, defining direction, engaging stakeholders, making decisions, institutionalizing, and monitoring and learning. Become adept at helping business leaders think strategically about the pace and progress of required changes.

RBL HR Competency 360 Feedback Workshop

HR professionals who take a 360 assessment gain the most from the experience when they quickly turn the results into meaningful action. This workshop helps HR professionals understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and craft a development plan that will improve their effectiveness in delivering results.


Momentum is an online development tool that simplifies and energizes change by providing a process and resources HR professionals can use to commit to and track their development journey. It can be leveraged during or after development programs to help drive meaningful personal change. Learn more.

Customize the HR development journey that works best for you.

RBL is eager to put our research and world-class strategic HR development content to work in your organization. The flexibility of our training programs, combined with assessments, coaching, and follow-up support, enables you to adapt a development experience that addresses your organization’s specific needs. We help you facilitate lasting transformation through strategic partnering skills that enable HR to deliver significant business value.