Organization Strategy & Transformation

Organization transformation that builds confidence.

Organization isn’t about structure, it’s about capability. RBL partners with businesses to create alignment between what you do, who you do it for, and the results you hope to achieve. Alignment begins with an outside-in approach that firmly links customers and investor expectations to business strategy, capabilities, organization design, leadership, people, and, ultimately, desired business results.

When organizational change attempts fail, it’s often because they don’t start with the right perspective.

Companies that struggle with business model and alignment challenges, stalled growth, declining market share, or low customer, stakeholder, or employee satisfaction typically look internally for solutions. They start cutting costs, installing new structures or changing out the senior management team. While these strategies may have merit, they miss the mark if they fail to consider and align with external stakeholders’ needs.

Look outside to fix what’s wrong inside.

RBL partners with our clients, using a flexible, systems-design model, to identify and solve their most important organizational challenges. We begin every organization strategy and transformation project with an outside-in approach. We gather data from key customers, shareholders and other external stakeholders to gain a solid understanding of their expectations for your organization and the value they hope to gain from you. And we use the research as a platform for helping you identify, organize around, and build the distinctive capabilities and culture that best align with those needs while prioritizing the work that makes you distinctive in your stakeholders’ eyes.

Within this context, companies can more confidently cut through internal conflicts around business models and strategies that stall progress. And they can more quickly make the sometimes radical, but necessary, changes to right the company and focus resources on the activities that matter. Whether it’s business reorganization, overhauling culture, or developing new capabilities, RBL helps ensure your organizational transformation succeeds by firmly linking it to the needs of those you serve.

Position your organization for sustainable competitive advantage.

When the organization is grounded in delivering on the specific promises your customers and shareholders need and expect you to keep, the work quickly translates into results. Our clients typically see revenue and profitability growth turnaround within 12 months, followed by increasing share price performance as investors recognize that future prospects have changed. And they’re better positioned to meet emerging challenges and opportunities well into the future.